Church membership is becoming increasingly rare because it is increasingly misunderstood. It is often viewed the same way we view gym memberships – you are only allowed in if you have signed up to be a member and somehow participate financially by paying dues, an entrance fee, or signing up your friends. This is NOT what church membership is about. Honestly, it’s really more of a relationship. Church membership is a mutual relationship, a covenant if you will, between a church and its members that holds them both in accountability over common beliefs. Members agree to let the church invest in their life and then in turn invest in the life of the Church. It is NOT a ticket in the door. Church membership has nothing to do with who is welcome and loved at church because everyone is welcome and loved.


If membership is not an all access pass that allows you to worship with us, then what exactly is the point in becoming a member instead of just an attender ?

Accountability – We all need people in our lives who are courageous enough and humble enough to correct and receive correction in a compassionate and loving fashion. This is a large part of what church should be about.

Connection – Membership ultimately is a reflection of the relationship that has already formed. It allows the church to reflect that relationship well. It also tethers you to other people. It is far too easy to live life wandering in isolation when God has called us to live in thriving community.

Commitment – People need to express commitment. It is an important part of life that we sometimes run from and membership is an important step in committing your time and efforts to what God wants to do in your life.

Also, if you are looking for a place to serve on leadership, committing to be a member is one of our few requirements. It may seem odd at first that we require someone to be a member before serving in a leadership role if that person is willing and able to serve well, but we only do it because we believe that leaders need accountability, connections, and commitment to lead well.