Prayer Beginnings – Learning to Really Ask


How Do I Pray in Real Life?

“Whether we like it or not, asking is the rule of the kingdom.” – Charles Spurgeon

But what do we ask for and how do we do it? That is the million dollar question and instead of pretending to know all of the answers I can only say that the first step is actually asking.

Don’t sidestep or dance around the issue. Don’t theologize your way out of asking God for things. Just do it. God does not answer prayers that are never offered. JUST ASK.

Is there a proper time or place to ask? Not that I know of. I suppose anytime is the best answer I can find when I search the Bible, and this is the key to learning how to pray in real life. Create time and space to sit and speak with God. If you have never inconvenienced yourself to sit and make your requests known, is it fair to be upset when God does not go out of His way to provide the answer?

Setting aside time to sit and petition God for things is a wonderful discipline, but remember that nothing replaces a child running to their father in a moment of need. The moment you are burdened for something is the perfect time to begin asking. Outside of this, there aren’t very many rules at all.