Christian, do you ever pause to think about what it is that you truly believe? I fear that for some, myself included, we have become far too comfortable with this radical truth we believe. For many, this story of redemption, grace, and unparalleled love has become just another part of life; just as ordinary as our regular 9 to 5. But this could not be further from the truth. The truth is profound, mind-blowing, awe-inspiring. The reality of what we believe should never become ordinary, but should continuously prompt us to unbridled worship all of our days.

So, pause with me, and think on it. Think of what it is we claim to believe. We believe in a deity that has existed for all time. There was no beginning to His existence, nor will there be an end. We believe this deity to be so strong, so powerful, so majestic that at the mere sound of His voice, galaxies were sent spinning into motion.

We believe that from His very imagination came all the things we now see and experience. We believe that He created us in His image, destined us for greatness as we were made to commune with Him. We believe that His very breath fills our lungs. But that is not all. We also believe that even though we constantly chose rebellion, even though we ran from Him for generation upon generation, that He still pursues us with a love stronger than anything else in all the world. We believe that love ultimately culminated in this deity taking on flesh, in the form of His son, and coming to this world He created as a man named Jesus.

We believe this coming was a rescue mission for the ages – planned long ago, before the foundations of the world. We believe that Light has come into the darkness and that this Jesus has defeated the very power of evil. We believe that the sting of death has been diminished, and the weight of darkness has been lifted.

You see, Jesus came – miraculously. He lived – miraculously. He died and then rose from the grave –miraculously. And He did all of this with a purpose. He did it so that you and I may come and exchange our shame for a crown. So that we may be called sons and daughters of the Most High. So that we could exchange our shackles of sin for the freedom of Grace.

This is no ordinary tale. This is the story of our redemption, of our salvation, of a monumental love put clearly on display. We have been set free. So, live as one who is loved, in the freedom that has been created for you. Never forget the magnitude of what it is that you truly believe.

Adam Tarver, Student Pastor